Cyclists' instructions - second segment
Traditional and short races

  1. Hard shell helmets are mandatory for all cyclists. Failure to wear one will result in a team's disqualification.
  2. The run to cycle and cycle to canoe changeover is now being conducted in a combined zone. Please refer to the diagrams provided in your packets.
  3. Cyclists should be set up in the changeover zone shortly after the running segment has started. In the short course, cyclists should be set up within no more than 10 minutes after the race starts. In the traditional course, cyclists should be set up no more than 20 minutes after the race starts.
  4. Stay in your starting spot until your runner passes the flag (wrist band), then proceed with caution into the road.
  5. Note: There is a 10 MPH SPEED LIMIT in exchange area. There will be NO RACING OR RECKLESS BEHAVIOR. Offender can receive a TIME PENALTY OR DISQUALIFICATION.
  6. Ride with traffic.
  7. The roads are not closed to vehicular traffic, except the changeover zone, so be aware of traffic.
  8. Cylist to canoe changeover: Please refer to the diagrams of the changeover zone.
  9. Special notes to tandem teams:(1) The rule requiring tandem cyclists to rack their bikes in the changeover zone bike racks after finishing will be strictly enforced. Tandem bikers that bypass the racks will be disqualified. There will be security volunteers in the rack area. (2) As you approach the finish and see the changeover zone on the left, the bike racks will be the first thing you see. (3)Tandem bikers must have their Timing Chip attached to be timed. (4) Only you or someone designated by you with your race number or the security ID bracelet from your race packet can retrieve your bike from the rack area.
  10. Your bicycle must be slowed in order to make the changeover. Therefore, slow down as you approach the changeover zone.
  11. The road is marked at each mile.
  12. Cyclists' splits will be recorded as their canoeist leaves the changover zone.
  13. Carry water on your bike.
  14. There will be communications personnel from the Auburn Amateur Radio Club stationed at turns on the bike course. If you have a problem, let one of them know.
  15. 13. No bikes will be allowed south of Oakridge Road after 9:15 AM.
  16. Please get into position well before the first runners return.