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The Captain Myles Keogh Paddle, Wheel, & Run


*The COVID year

FAQs - Special Information for 2020

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If you have trouble accessing Google, you can simply e-mail the results to: results@great-race.com

  1. Is there going to be a Great Race this year? Yes! Just not in-person. The Great Race will carry on for the 43rd consecutive year. This year, the COVID year, will be a virtual competition without anything official - courses, days, times, winners, etc.
  2. But what about my T-shirt? Thanks to our friends at The Printery, you will still be able to get your coveted Great Race shirt- and this year will be even more of a collectors item! Register to participate or support the virtual race, and you’ll be given information about picking up your shirt, or having it shipped to your team captain.
  3. What about our numbers? Stay tuned to your email for a PDF that you can print and wear proudly while you “race!” Be sure to snap a picture to share with us as well.
  4. And those delicious sandwiches I crave all year? Sadly, having our incredible volunteers making and distributing your favorite post-race meal is not an option this year. We know you’ll miss the smiling faces under that tent as much as that turkey or ham. Making an extra donation to the Food Bank is an excellent way to honor the volunteer spirit and your love of sub sandwiches!
  5. How will I know how far to run/cycle/paddle without all those incredible volunteers painting mile markers and pointing me in the right direction? We have the best volunteers in the world, right?! They do so much for all of us. Again, sadly, we cannot look for their onroute support this year. There are no official routes - pick your own! There are many different apps and resources for tracking fitness, but we’ve found that Strava is a great resource for both road and water activities. This is an honor system “race,” so just do your best in both route planning and execution. You’ve got this!
  6. What about the party?! Sorry guys - we will feel lost without it too. Keep your dancing shoes in shape, because next year’s party will be back and better than ever. Even if we cannot celebrate our completion as an entire Great Race family together, we do encourage you to virtually toast with your teammates and safely continue to support our local musicians, food trucks and beverage distributors as much as possible. If Spotify crashes from too many plays of “We are the Champions” mid day on the second Sunday of August this year, we wont be shocked.
  7. How do I win? You complete your section of the race, encourage your teammates to do the same, then you tell all of your friends to get together and register as well. The old cliche is true - everyone is a winner this year! No age group or overall awards this year because all courses and competition dates will be different. Challenge yourself on your own course, and consider yourself a winner because of the support you’ve given your team and your community.
  8. Can I be on more than one team? Funny you should ask! Absolutely! This year only, participate on as many teams as you can get together. Maybe even have your teams all virtually race one another. Perhaps do a different leg on all different teams. Whatever floats your boat… Or cycles your bike… Or…. You can either stockpile t-shirts, or select to donate the extra money from your t-shirt’s cost directly to the Food Bank. If you decide to donate your T-shirt, that means all $20 is donated.
  9. I see you can swim this year! Will I be able to next year too? Nope. Special rules for a special year.
  10. Can my dog be on my team. This year? Sure! So can your cat. Or your llama. I’m guessing you’ll have to front their registration, or up their allowance, and also fill out their registration… But sure, they can get in on the race this year. We definitely will want a picture of them in their shirt.
  11. Can I….. You can basically do whatever you want. Register a zillion times and fake your times. You’ll know the truth, but at least your lies will be somewhat counteracted by doing good by supporting the Food Bank! Whatever time you enter will be listed with your name, however, so it’s extra pressure to beat it in-person next year!
  12. Can I compete virtually next year too? We either all race virtually or we all race in person. We are truly hoping this is a one and done year. So, no.
  13. How much of my registration is a donation? 100% of the profits will be donated to the Food Bank. Obviously there’s a cost to make your coveted shirt, but the Printery has kept the cost extremely low, and all the rest of your registration will go directly to feed the hungry in our community. More registrations = more food!
  14. What is this Food Bank you speak of? The Food Bank of Central New York provides over 29k meals PER DAY to your friends and neighbors in CNY. Pretty incredible, right? And due to the COVID-19 pandemic, even more of our friends and neighbors are in need. 1 in 8 people in CNY are food in need, and your registration in Great “Race” 43* will directly support nourishing our community.
  15. I have always volunteered during the race. How do I help this year? Man, do we love and appreciate you! We could not have done these last 43 years without you, and truly cannot thank you enough. We want you to keep your tradition alive too, so there’s a new registration category for you to sign up. You can register as a volunteer so that you can support the Food Bank as well, and then a link for you to get your Race Sponsor t-shirt as always. We cant wait to have your in-person support again next year and for years to come.

Race day* instructions for the Great Race

*Note - These are actually our regular rules for an "in person race". You don't need these this year, but they contain the information you would need if you want to do the actual Great Race Course as your Virtual Race.
This is where we post the printed rules that will be in the race packets.
NOTICE - As always, PLEASE read the packet materials before racing. There is always the possibility of a last minute change. There may be some changes posted here as race day approaches. We do not expect that large changes will be made, so this will give you a good idea of what to expect. The FINAL instructions will be the ones in your race packet.

Runner Instructions - First race segment
Traditional and short races
Run Courses

  1. There will be a mass start at 9:30 AM on Owasco Road near the Emerson Park entrance.
  2. Runners course.

Run Courses

  • Runners course.
  • Cyclists' instructions - second segment
    Traditional and short races

    Bike Courses

    Race location

    Location via Google Maps.

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