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"Racing" to Raise $10K for the Food Bank of Central New York


The Great Race has a rich history of competition, celebration, and most of all community. In this time of uncertainty and change, we remain enthusiastic to safely carry on this important tradition without interruption. Out of respect and concern for our racers, volunteers, sponsors and first responders, the in-person competition of Great Race 43 has been cancelled and we will resume our in person event on August 8, 2021. Also out of respect and concern for our racers, volunteers, sponsors and first responders, we are working diligently to reimagine this year's race amidst the the global pandemic of COVID-19. It is our responsibility to provide a safe and fun opportunity for teamwork, fitness, tradition and supporting our community. With that in mind we present:

The Great "Race" 43*

*The COVID year

Great "Race" 43* is "Virtual" this year. Why are we doing it at all? After 42 years what would summer be without the Great Race?! Also, we want the Great Race Family to join together to support those who have been particularly hurting during this Pandemic with a large contribution to the Food Bank of Central New York . Put together your team and register as racers in the short or traditional distance, or as a volunteer/supporter. The distances are unchanged from our in-person race, but you choose your course and when you complete it. You can run (or walk or crawl), cycle (uni, bi, or tri), paddle (canoe, kayak or paddleboard) or, for this year only, swim instead of paddling. Challenge yourselves and your teammates for personal bests on the easiest course you can find, but know that you will have to beat those times in person next August! This is the perfect opportunity to test the waters of Great "Racing" - Challenge yourselves and help your community. Once your team is happy with their results, submit them virtually and then stay tuned to see where you match up when times are released to the public on our original race day - August 9th, 2020. All race proceeds will go to the Food Bank of Central New York! We also encourage you to contribute more to be included with our donation. Both your fee and any further contribution will be tax-deductible for you. You have the option of ordering this year's t-shirt following your registration, as well as free access to this year's race bib and artwork. *This year is not a "Race," and therefore will not include any awards - we're all winning by helping our community and continuing the Great Race tradition for a 43rd consecutive year!

Beginning June 23 through August 2, 2020 at 9:30 AM, The Great Race, Auburn's Summer Classic, will be run as a Virtual Race!

7 fun Team Relay Races of Runners, Bikers, and Paddlers (Canoe, Kayak, or Paddleboard)

What's new with the Great Race

August 9th, 2020 marks the 43rd edition of our race!! Don't miss it!

New Kayak Family Category! for both the long and short courses. Children from the same nuclear family with at lwast one parent or grandparent are eligible.

Register your team today! Online Registration is currently open

Paddleboards! Both the long and short courses will have a Stand-up Paddleboard Division!

The new K2 Divisions to the long and Short races will be back. Your 2 person kayaks can now be a part of the Great Race!!

Liability Waiver: Don't forget that all your team members need to sign the liability Waiver. If your team still has a member that hasn't signed, have them sign to avoid packet pick-up delays.

New Rule For Bikers: Take Note! The bike course closes at noon. ALL bikes must be back to the changeover zone by noon! See bike rules

If you need to make a change to your team roster, follow these Team Roster Change Rules


Canoe Teams

Long Course
Runner - 10 kilometers
Biker - 20 miles
2 person Canoe - 4 miles

Short Course
Runner - 5 kilometers
Biker - 10 miles
2 person Canoe - 2 miles


Kayak Teams

Long Course
Runner - 10 kilometers
Biker - 20 miles
1 person Kayak - 4 miles

Short Course
Runner - 5 kilometers
Biker - 10 miles
1 person Kayak - 2 miles


Tandem Teams

Long Course Only
Runner - 10 kilometers
Biker - 20 miles
Both must Canoe - 4 miles

Standup Paddleboard Division -

In response to some interested paddleboarders, we are offering a 3 person Paddleboard Team Division in both the Short and long Courses.

K-2 Team divisions

in both the long and short courses. 4 Person teams: Runner, Biker, and 2 Paddlers with a 2-Person Kayak.

New! Feel like swimming? -

Since the race is virtual and you won't have to worry about a zillion flailing paddles, we are offering swimming as the virtual water event.

Swim Teams

Long Course
Runner - 10 kilometers
Biker - 20 miles
Swim - 2 miles

Short Course
Runner - 5 kilometers
Biker - 10 miles
Swim - 1 mile

The "in person" Race

will be back in 2021!

... on the northern end of Owasco Lake. Join us as we renew Auburn's annual tradition of fun, competition, and celebration. The Great Race is the nation's largest team only run, bike and paddle triathlon. Hundreds of 2, 3, or 4 person teams begin with a runner (5k or 10k) who hands off to a biker (10 or 20 miles) who then hand off to their kayaker or 2 canoeists. Young or old, serious racers or beginners, compete for glory or the pursuit of fun and fitness. After the race, the annual post-race celebration begins. Racers and spectators alike are in for the fun, food, and refreshments.

Looking for a team?

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Does your Team need to make a Roster Change?

E-mail us with your change(s) - registration@great-race.com

Celebration 2021!

All participants, families and guests are invited to join us after the race for the annual Great Race celebration. All participants and volunteers will be treated to lunch and liquid refreshments after the race. Additional food and beverages are available for guests and spectators. Feel free to enjoy the day at beautiful Emerson Park. A live band will be on stage providing fine entertainment.

If you wish, you can make a tax deductible contribution to the Great Race here:

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