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The Captain Myles Keogh Paddle, Wheel, & Run

On August 13, 2017 at 9:30 AM, The Great Race, Auburn's Summer Classic, begins

5 Team Relay Races of Runners, Bikers, and Paddlers (Canoe or Kayak)

What's new with the Great Race

This is our 40th race!! We're working to make this year the greatest ever!

Check here as the year progresses for any breaking news!


Canoe Teams

Long Course
Runner - 10 kilometers
Biker - 20 miles
2 person Canoe - 4 miles

Short Course
Runner - 5 kilometers
Biker - 10 miles
2 person Canoe - 2 miles


Kayak Teams

Long Course
Runner - 10 kilometers
Biker - 20 miles
1 person Kayak - 4 miles

Short Course
Runner - 5 kilometers
Biker - 10 miles
1 person Kayak - 2 miles


Tandem Teams

Long Course Only
Runner - 10 kilometers
Biker - 20 miles
Both must Canoe - 4 miles

The Great Race

... on the northern end of Owasco Lake. Join us as we renew Auburn's annual tradition of fun, competition, and celebration. The Great Race is the nation's largest team only run, bike and paddle triathlon. Hundreds of 2, 3, or 4 person teams begin with a runner (5k or 10k) who hands off to a biker (10 or 20 miles) who then hand off to their kayaker or 2 canoeists. Young or old, serious racers or beginners (check out the news story below), compete for glory or the pursuit of fun and fitness. After the race, the annual post-race celebration begins. Racers and spectators alike are in for the fun, food, and refreshments.

This year is Great Race 40!

This year is Great Race 40!

Our goal this year is to make 2017 the tear of the Greatest Race ever!

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Places in the changeover zone are assigned in the order that teams register. Get a better spot in the zone by signing up early!

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All participants, families and guests are invited to join us after the race for the annual Great Race celebration. All participants and volunteers will be treated to lunch and liquid refreshments after the race. Additional food and beverages are available for guests and spectators. Feel free to enjoy the day at beautiful Emerson Park. A live band will be on stage providing fine entertainment.

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The Great Race XL
P.O. Box 339
Aunurn, NY 13021

315 252-7139



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